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Recent social media posts by Studio 247 Huge Haircut & Color Deals! Huge Haircut & Color Deals!
[11/14/15]   I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and good Joo-Joo concerning my Dad. He is still in the hospital, just had double by pass surgery and recovering, but ALIVE and that's more than we thought would happen given the events. It really means alot to me and my family. He will be back to making treats for us again in no time I'm sure, in the meant time my 97 year old grandma made us all chocolate chip cookies to fill in. Spring Mani/Pedi Specials! Spring Mani/Pedi Specials! High school student sent home because of her 'non-natural hair color' WHY??? ARE THERE NOT BETTER THINGS TO WAGE WAR OVER?? Why is hair so distracting to entire world??? Is it that important? Have there ever been wars started over hair? What about gun fights over hair? NO!! Religion.....yes. Drugs.....yes! NOT HAIR! This girl just got a bad taste in her mouth concerning education.the thing she will need to be successful in this world, ALL OVER HAIR!!! UGH! ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- A high school student in St. Louis was sent home because her hair was "not a natural color" and violated the school's dress code. Savannah Keesee, a junior at West County High Sch... 'Give this to your woman': Sports clothing company under fire over washing instructions I'm thinking it should say "Teach your kids how to do the laundry for you and you or your "woman" won't have to do it for anyone"!!! An Indonesian sports clothing company is under fire over the washing instructions on their latest label. CNN reports that Salvo Sports recently revealed the slick new jersey. But the washing instru... Salons brace for spike in bleach requests after Kim K. stunner Bring it on, but WARNING!
She sat in the salon chair for over 6 HOURS and that is with 2=3 people hovering over her the whole time. requires an upkeep of every 4-6 weeks!! Only Kim Kardashian could turn a new hairstyle into front-page news. The 34-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star nearly broke the Internet once again as she was photographed leaving the ... All Haircuts $15 and all color 1/2 off All Haircuts $15 and all color 1/2 off Last Minute Gift Idea from Studio 247! Last Minute Gift Idea from Studio 247! The 10 Coolest Haircuts for Fall 2014 It's the Bob!!!! Let's do it. Call the salon today and let us help you make the change. 440-247-7739 If you haven't ditched your ultra-long hair yet, consider this your call to action.
First Workshop:
Texture Styling- AGES 14+
In need of anyone with medium to long textured hair for styling training classes. Shampoo-blow dry- style by one of our up and coming Protege's and guided by one of our Master Stylists.
Wed. and Thursdays 5-8 all of August.
First come first serve by appointment only.
[07/24/14]   An interviewee scheduled to interview at 3 pm yesterday calls at 3:20 to ask where we are????? After Jenn proceeds to tell her where in Chagrin Falls we are located she is stunned that WE ARE IN CHAGRIN FALLS. She says she didn't know we were so far into Chagrin Falls. IT'S CHAGRIN FALLS WE ARE 3 BLOCKS X 2 BLOCKS BIG. She thought we were somewhere are Beachwood and she couldn't imagine driving here in the winter and how long it would take. STOP IMAGINING, WE WOULD NEVER HIRE YOU ANYWAY. Again, how do people call on a job and not know where they would potentially work and not do some research on the place. Someone please help these people. UUUGGHHH!!!!!!! NEXT!
[07/23/14]   That's more like it. We had an opportunity to visit The Ohio Paul Mitchell Academy and WOW!! They are producing and nurturing some great talent. We will be having some "professionals" shadowing in the salon over the next week or so, and we welcome our clients input on who should make the final cut.
[07/17/14]   In the search for a new apprentice and Salon Coordinator we've started the interview process and thought we'd share Some advise for any of those checking us out on Facebook. DON'T BE LATE FOR AN INTERVIEW!!! I will tell you to turn around and leave. YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A JOB IN A FASHION FOWARD INDUSTRY, Don't show up with your hair in a pony tail, no make-up and flip flops, KNOW WHERE CHARGRIN FALLS IS, don't call from an hour and half away and ask where it is. GOOGLE IT! HAVE A PASSION FOR THE INDUSTRY, don't come if you're not sure this is what you want to do!!! We are a KICK-ASS salon with a great team and even greater clients, you are trying to break into Fort Knox, research the best way to get in!! 2 down........Apprentice 0 Salon 2 NEXT!!
[07/16/14]   We'd like to wish Megan the best ever!!! Today is a day without her and it will definitely be noticed. She has taken her first "BIG GIRL" job and moved on without us. She will be missed not only by the team here at Studio 247 but her smile, enthusiasm, her cuteness and her great stories will be missed by all the clients she established relationships with. Good Luck Megan. You will always have a home here in the studio. Miss you already!
John Sahag Memorial video Every industry has it's "Greats". I'd like to share one of ours. This is when I realized how many "Greats" I missed out on getting into this AMAZING industry so late in the game. Enjoy.
I was very lucky to have known John as my friend. I made this after he passed.
Fox 8 News For all my clients that ask me to tell them about this.....her it is. My roundtrip to Tampa next week was only $177.10 non-stop.
Frontier Airlines announces $19 fares to celebrate new destinations, but the deal won't last long!

Details here:
[06/10/14]   Studio 247 is hosting an apprentice open house this Friday June, 13th. Come and hang out, see what we're all about, meet the staff, clients and see how we can jump start your career as an apprentice under one of our Master Stylists and Colorist. Call today and reserve your time, limited times available. 440-247-7739

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