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[02/19/18]   Just an FYI, I will only be accepting appointments on Tuesdays from this point forward. I am not accepting any new clients. And please inbox me to set up your appointment. I am in the process of closing the salon and I will not be relocating. The salon will stay open until my landlord finds a new tenant. I am technically in a lease until January 2019.

All of you have been great. I have enjoyed each and everyone of you. I am at that point in my life where I’m ready to move on and do different things. Unfortunately I do not have another nail person locally that I can recommend, but please get on Instagram, get on Facebook, check out reviews, check out their work. You guys will do great.
One is black, brown and gold. The other is brown and ROSE gold.
More of my nails. Encapsulated acrylic. Not polish.
Happy Valentine’s Day, early. LOL
Sarah’s beauties
Krista and Beth
All in a days work. Tamika, Jan, and Kayla.
A couple of today’s clients. These are both encapsulated acrylic. No polish.
Mel’s pretties.
I decided to take this day and get my nails together. Boy were they a mess. I shortened them and changed the shape. I’ve spent a lot of time on my laptop and I need to type.
Sorry guys, I have been slipping on my posting duties. LOL here are some recent nails That I have done.

Claire is ready for the New Year with her gel manicure.
Sarah Higgins Shiny encapsulated acrylics
Jamie’s got the champagne Nails kicking to celebrate the new year. These are encapsulated acrylic, and I used the new creative nail design “pearl” topcoat.
Brittney sporting CND Shellac Steel Gaze with their new top coat!
Tamika Sporting her glitter nudes. These are also acrylic powder, no polish.
Warming this 9° day up with some fire.

These are encapsulated acrylic nails. No Polish. That is the colored acrylic powder.
Look at these beauties from today.
These are encapsulated acrylic nails. Even the Santa hat is made with acrylic powder and part of the acrylic nail.

This is a great gift idea. Everything is done electronically including payment and delivery. Gift certificate will be delivered to your email. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Get your gift certificate today. Everything is handled electronically from payment to inbox delivery. Gift certificate will be ready for you to print and stick in that stocking.

Gift certificate special only:

Encapsulated full set of acrylic, active length, $50 (this does not include removal of existing nails or gel polish)

Gel manicure with ombré, $30.00

Get yours today, gift certificate sale ends December 24.
Check out Beth’s encapsulated acrylics.
Jan’s Holly gel manicure
In the daylight
My new set. I sometimes dread doing my own. Lol.
Laura ❤️💅🏻❄️❤️☃️

Jamie! 🎄❄️☃️

My clients LOVE blue!!! So do I. The yellow is from a previous balance.
Jamie lookin festive!!!
Cleaning up the cuticle area before a full set is applied.
Pink and blue. Encapsulated acrylic.
Mad all done

Nails by Carolyn

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