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Today’s update
For my beloved friends and clients. As or yesterday the state board of Cosmetology still doesn’t have a date from the governor. I’m checking my email several times a day for updates. Stay healthy everyone! I miss all of you! 🙏❤️
[03/19/20]   As everyone has heard the governor has ordered all hair and nail salons closed. Thank you for your help, kind words and prayers during this trying time! I love you all and when the quarantine is over I will work extended hours to get everyone taken care of. Love and prayers to all. ❤️🙏 Missie
[12/25/19]   Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄 I’ll be back in on Friday 27th for regular hours.
New lettering is up now. Thanks Kitsy Piatt.
Thanks Jordan For letting me color your beautiful hair 💕
Olaplex treatments available Olaplex Answered: "What's the difference between Olaplex 1, 2 & 3?"

Each step of the Olaplex system is repairing broken bonds, but each step works at a different concentration, and each step has it's own distinct purpose.

No. 1 Bond Multiplier is the liquid concentrate, and can be added directly into colour or lightener to rebuild your client’s hair during lightening or colouring services. It can also be used without a colour service, as a Stand Alone treatment on damaged hair as a 'super repair service'.

No. 2 Bond Perfector was developed as a cream formula for ease of application. It is used after No.1. This second step further links disulphide bonds after the initial service, ensuring that ALL of the hair is covered in Olaplex, thus further restoring the strength, structure and integrity of the hair.
No. 2 can be also used on its own as an Express Service and a cutting lotion.

No. 3 Hair Perfector is the client’s ‘Take-Home’ part of the service, enabling the maintenance of strong, healthy hair in-between salon visits, and helping to mitigate the damage that regularly happens as home through blow-drying, straightening, tonging etc.
[06/30/17]   LipSense👄👄 OVER STOCK SALE👄👄%15 off matte gloss and select lip color while supplies last!👄shipping available
I'm not much on selfies! But I absolutely love this foundation 👄👄and my nutmeg LipSense 👄
[03/23/17]   I am so enjoying having LipSence testers in the salon. 👄 I get to wear a different color every day 👄
I still have 1 Beige Champagne, 2 Fly Girl, 2 Blu-Red, 2 Bella and 5 Icicle in stock 👄👄👄
Just a reminder! Now offering Olaplex Treatments. $40 for stand alone treatment, $25 added to color service and $10 added to any perm.

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